Dissatisfaction monitor

Addressing customer dissatisfaction one step ahead

AI-powered dissatisfaction index manager on an ipad

The Dissatisfaction Monitor project was developed to empower clients with a comprehensive system for tracking and managing customer dissatisfaction. This new approach is designed to proactively address and prioritize customers with recurring issues who are at high risk of canceling subscriptions or services. The goal is to reduce churn rate and improve customer retention.

The tool is a companion for customer relationship managers, support teams, sales teams, account managers, and other customer-facing teams. With a computer or tablet, they can closely monitor customer issues and take swift action to delight users and prevent them from leaving.

This tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with clients’ existing CRM workflows and tools.

My role

The project was conducted during a 4-week design sprint, where I led the design sprint itself, including the workshops with the team, helping them with the discovery, ideation, and prioritization. I was the designer responsible for bringing the ideas to life, creating the visual designs, the user experience, and the interactive prototype.

The design sprint process

It’s a mini-design process. We try to compress the full thing in a shorter amount of time. We can’t develop a fully working product or test all ideas, so we try to focus on what’s most important, the items that have the most potential to be part of an MVP.

It’s helpful to push innovation and to test new ideas without involving large amounts of resources and team members, with a very focused mindset of progressing quickly.

At the end of the sprint, we had created an interactive prototype that simulated the real final product. That prototype was very helpful to bring life to the project, showing investors and stakeholders what the potential of the tool was. Additionally, it was used for user testing, which were able to have a hands-on experience using a simulation of the product in real life, providing us with valuable feedback and insights for the next iteration, helping shape the final product.

Key desirable features

  • Integrate with Existing CRM Systems: Ensure the tool is compatible and seamlessly integrates with clients’ existing CRM workflows and tools.
  • Monitor Customer Dissatisfaction: Develop a system to track customer dissatisfaction across various touchpoints (product usage, support, sales, post-sales).
  • Identify Key Drivers: Analyze data to understand the primary factors contributing to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Enable Proactive Remediation: Design features that allow for timely intervention and issue resolution.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Improve overall customer satisfaction and reduce churn by addressing dissatisfaction effectively.


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