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Helping envision the future of Knowledge

How we partnered to re-think a knowledge management suite design and strategy for the near future.

BlueRocket, as a partner of one of the top consulting firms in the world, was invited to re-think the Knowledge management portal. What it could and should look like in the future, with some of its previous technical dependencies removed, and clear skies ahead.

I was the design lead for the project, being responsible for crafting the UX, UI and managing other designers to come up with better solutions for the tools in the suite.

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Discovery & Insights

We began by revisiting the initial project’s objectives, understanding the current user behavior, and identifying any changes in the company’s goals and culture. By collecting new insights from stakeholders, conducting user interviews, and analyzing usage metrics, we were able to identify areas for improvement and innovation. Together with the client, we were able to think about how to implement and prioritize each of them.

Design & Development

With the company moving away from restrictive software and infrastructure, we gained greater creative freedom. Also, as the client was rolling out a new design system, not only did we utilize it, but we also contributed as collaborators, actively influencing their design system.

The revamped landing page was designed to function as a portal, guiding users to various sections of the knowledge ecosystem. This integrated approach ensures that users can easily locate desired information at the right time.

Additionally, the landing page highlights news, featured items, impact stories, and different service lines, all tailored to the individual user’s interests and preferences.

The customization enhanced users’ ability to deliver value to clients, allowing them to access top materials while facilitating contribution and improvement of the knowledge base.

Intelligent search with Natural Language

The proposed search functionality merges intelligent algorithms with natural language processing to redefine the way users find and utilize knowledge.

Tailored to each user’s profile, it uses their historical data, role, and active client engagements to connect them with the most relevant content. This seamless discovery process is designed to boost productivity and user satisfaction, ensuring that each search leads to content that aligns perfectly with their professional demands and contributes to delivering client impact.

Knowledge search results page

Dedicated search page

The dedicated search page guides users to precise information with ease, and an extensive suite of filters allows for granular control, enabling users to sift through data with pinpoint accuracy. It’s a dynamic and evolving platform where every query and click refines the system’s understanding of the user’s needs, making each subsequent search smarter and more attuned to their unique information journey.

GenAI chatbot

The chatbot enables users to locate the highest quality materials precisely when needed. This AI-powered tool leverages Natural Language Processing to understand and respond to queries effectively, ensuring consultants have timely access to the best resources for their requirements, while learning from interactions and continuously improving its ability to deliver personalized, relevant content that enhances productivity, decision-making, and client impact.


In conclusion, the project’s journey through various design and research phases has culminated in a deeply informed and user-centric product. Our findings illuminated key pain points, which we meticulously addressed in our proof of concept and MVP.

The success of these initial offerings was evident in the positive reception from users, who reported a more efficient resolution to their needs. This validation reflects the commitment to an iterative development process, ensuring that each stage of the project built upon the insights gained to create a tool that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.


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