Buddy – Home automation app

Elevating people’s home lives with intuitive, personalized home experiences.

Buddy - Home automation app

In this challenge, I was responsible for enhancing and re-thinking user experience in smart home management.

Buddy home automator - mockups on an iPhone

Home automation systems have gained popularity in recent years, as they can provide users with greater control, convenience, and security in their daily lives. However, existing apps in the market are often difficult to navigate and lack a cohesive design that could truly enhance users’ experiences. Research showed us that users find it challenging to understand and manage multiple smart devices, and these systems cannot effectively adapt to user preferences, leading to dissatisfaction and underutilization of the available features.

Buddy Automation aims to address these pain points by offering a solution that simplifies the home automation experience. The app focuses on providing a clean, intuitive interface, seamless device integration, and a high level of customization.

The primary focus is on catering to users’ desired emotions and moods within specific spaces, rather than controlling individual devices.

The main philosophy that drives the app is the concept of environments and trying to make the underlying tech and the devices invisible as much as possible.

The process included a typical design process and its 4 stages:


During the discovery phase, we aimed to uncover user needs and pain points by employing various research methods, such as surveys, interviews, and contextual inquiries. Users frequently expressed frustration with managing multiple apps, different tech, and devices, as well as a lack of customization in their home automation systems. They desired a more seamless and personalized experience, tailored to their individual preferences and daily routines.

We carefully analyzed user feedback to draft “How Might We” (HMW) statements, which helped us identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.


For example, one HMW statement addressed the issue of managing multiple devices: “How might we create a unified platform that simplifies control of various smart devices?” Another HMW statement focused on what would later drive personalization and the concept of scenes: “How might we provide users with the ability to feel more comfortable at their homes?”

By utilizing these research methods and focusing on the insights gathered from users, we were able to pinpoint the most critical areas to address and develop solutions that would significantly enhance the home automation experience.

Ideation & Prioritization

Based on our research findings, we brainstormed ideas to create a more user-friendly and customizable home automation app. We prioritized features and functionalities that aligned with users’ needs and expectations.

Using the stack-rank method, we ranked the proposed features and functionalities based on their importance to the target users, feasibility, and potential impact on the overall user experience. Then placed the items in a prioritization matrix to see what should be prioritized in the first releases.

Prototyping and testing

I developed wireframes and mockups for the app, focusing on a clean, intuitive interface that would provide users with quick access to essential features and information.

With the help of beta users, I conducted multiple rounds of usability testing to identify potential issues and areas of improvement. I gathered feedback and iterated on the designs accordingly.

Based on the feedback received during testing, I refined the design and functionality of the app to ensure an optimal user experience.


In conclusion, Buddy Automation demonstrates the importance of a user-centered design approach in creating a more satisfying and efficient home automation experience. By continuously refining the app based on user feedback, Buddy Automation aims to set a new standard in the home automation industry.


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