Envisioning and creating the portal and benefits site for a rewards program company in LatAm

inGrupo portal - Mockups on a laptop computer and on an iPhone

InGrupo is the group behind 4 other companies, including inMais, which is a rewards program in Brazil.

The challenge

InGrupo, a company with multiple subsidiaries, was in need of a website that could achieve four primary objectives: 1) provide institutional content for users and visitors, 2) integrate with their rewards program system, 3) create a user-friendly interface for rewards program management, and 4) showcase their sister companies.

The most critical component was the rewards program integration, which required seamless communication with an external vendor’s system. The challenge was to design a platform that could effectively address all these goals while maintaining a coherent and user-friendly experience.

InGrupo sought my expertise due to my extensive experience in UX design and track record of successful projects. They believed that my focus on user-centric solutions and my knowledge of managing complex systems would be important in creating a website that catered to their specific needs.

My roles and responsibilities

  • Branding and visual design
  • Planning
  • User journey mapping and creation of epics and stories
  • Creation of wireframes and clickable prototypes
  • UX and UI Design
  • User research planning and facilitation
  • Overlooking the integration of different systems
  • Evaluation of metrics and user feedback

The Design Process


I began by conducting user research to understand the needs and preferences of InGrupo’s target audience. This included interviews, surveys, and analyzing user behavior. Key insights included the importance of a clear, intuitive rewards program interface and the need for a seamless integration with the external vendor system.


Based on the insights gained during the discovery phase, I brainstormed design concepts and created user stories and personas to guide the design process. This phase helped in identifying the most effective ways to address the users’ needs and prioritize the website’s features.


I developed low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the website’s layout and establish a solid foundation for the interface design. After iterating on the wireframes, I created high-fidelity mockups and a clickable prototype that allowed stakeholders to experience the proposed solution.


The prototype was tested with users to gather feedback and identify any usability issues. Through multiple testing sessions, I uncovered areas that needed refinement and adjusted the design accordingly to enhance the user experience.

We went through various methods, including eye-tracking studies to analyze user focus and navigation patterns, and A/B testing to compare different design elements for effectiveness. These tests provided valuable data that informed design adjustments and ultimately enhanced the overall user experience.

The Results

The final website design successfully addressed all of InGrupo’s objectives. The rewards program integration saw a significant increase in user engagement, with a substantial rise in points redemption and increase in users purchasing additional points. The seamless communication with the external vendor’s system reduced transaction errors. Moreover, the user-friendly interface led to substantial growth in credit card requests and an improved overall customer satisfaction rating.

The project’s success was marked by the accomplishment of InGrupo’s primary objectives and the positive impact on user engagement and satisfaction. The well-designed rewards program interface and integration with the external vendor’s system proved crucial in achieving these results. InGrupo and its stakeholders were highly satisfied with the outcome, as the website effectively showcased its offerings while providing a user-centric experience that catered to the needs of its diverse audience.


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